Thursday, April 5, 2012


My Chocolate toffee birthday cake from Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee.

(I bought this yesterday at their Tomas Morato branch with my dog after work. Yeah, I brought my dog at work. It's because they wanted to see him plus the fact that it was my last day there. I'm sure I will miss their company. Walking with Taba is fun, he understands my commands whenever we cross the street or walking at the right place. He's not scared of cars also, which is a plus. Also very friendly with people. Brought him inside KoCCo - thank you for letting him stay inside! He was well behaved, I'm so proud ♥ ).

Sooooooooooo. I sang `Happy birthday to me` around 10pm on April 4 because I wanted to eat my cake early, haha.

Spent the day with mama and a friend at Ace Water Spa. I really love swimming!

As for the doodles, will upload soon since I have a lot of time now.

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