Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Manila Ocean Park

(mmm, seahorse)

We went to Manila Ocean Park the other day. Commuting there was actually an adventure itself. Went on 2 trains and a long walk in Rizal Park to Manila Ocean Park. The last time I went to MOP was 2 years ago. It was inspiring and I could see that they were really trying their best for the conservation of the marine life there. The signs regarding the fishes were readable and really...informative. Now? It seems that there are less fishes than 2 years ago, I wonder why? Some fishes which were shown on the signs were also not present in the said aquarium. I also noticed that some of the signs are not readable now.

(Shark napping?)

Besides, the only reason we went here was because of their summer promo! Which included the trip to antartica / penguin exhibit. I was really excited on seeing penguins for the first time! Penguin is my favorite animal ♥


We also took pictures with them for 400php♥. Expensive yes but really worth it for me to see them up close and feed them ♥. After the exhibit, we had dinner at Makan Makan. Interesting place! Not a lot of customers though, due to the interior design and ~feel~ of the place? Hmm. Beautiful view of Manila Bay + delicious food + violin/guitar ensemble + with Ram = worth walking from Rizal Park to M.O.P. ♥

Teh Tarik !

The interior design of Makan Makan. It was supposed to look like an asian street market of some sort.

Sorry for the awful writing and thank you for reading!

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